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Ranks FC

5×5: Predicting the Top Five in Each of Europe’s Top Five Leagues

7 September 2022

The transfer window has closed and we’ve had a couple of games in each league, so whilst pre-season predictions are fun, this feels like a good time to lock our selections in for the season – which can only mean it’s 5×5 time. The concept is simple – we each pick how we think the top five in England, France, Italy, Germany and Spain are going to look when the curtain falls in May.

We look at what happened last time out, before working through our selections, our thoughts on how a shedload of sides have started their campaigns, and some more rogue calls from Jack, where heart continues to take precedence over head.

There’s a quick Things We Love – where Sam talks his first dive into management, and Jack talks a fairy story out of Exeter. There’s also a Melon of the Week, a Gibberish Ranking and the poems are back to kick things off. It’s Ranks!

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