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Ranks FC

Ranking Big Transfers to Be Wary Of This Summer

11 May 2022

Every transfer season there’s deals that don’t work out, and whilst some are impossible to predict, there’s others where the warning signs are truly there – we look at a few big money deals that we have reservations about for various reasons from injuries to physicality to difficult fits. And, back to do it is the Rank God Sam Tighe, returning from his honeymoon to retake his place back in your headphones on Ranks FC.

Things We Love talks watching football in tricky time zones, Erling Haaland’s big move to Manchester City and the story of Bristol Rovers’ ridiculous last-day win to seal their promotion; Melon of the Week is given out to a Championship goalkeeper who performed a gaffe straight out of a 90’s bloopers reel, and Sam takes charge of the Gibberish again to talk things that baffled him in Bali.

It’s Ranks!