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Ranking England vs. USMNT at the World Cup with Taylor Rockwell

23 November 2022

It’s a big one this Friday, as the Three Lions take on the Stars & Stripes on the big stage, We break it down!

We’re now into the bulk of the World Cup, and we’ve seen our fair share of spills and thrills already, but this Friday brings us the Ranks Derby (and Dean’s House Derby) between the USMNT and England in Group B. We’re joined by a very special guest in the form of TSS’s Taylor Rockwell to balance the equation as we look at three players from each side who could make all the difference in this clash across the Atlantic.

Plus, we start things off by taking a look at Saudi Arabia’s upset of Argentina, why France are ominously scary after their first game, and how come there’s so much added time in these games!

It’s Ranks!

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