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Ranking Every Champions League Team Before the Last 16

9 February 2022

Welcome back to the Champions League, which returns with a vengeance next Tuesday! Ahead of a massive two weeks of fixtures, we take a stock check of every team left in the competition – comparing it to where they stood at the end of the Group Stages. There are some climbers, some fallers, and some big guns who are just motoring along – but everyone is looked at here.

Things We Love takes us through a magical weekend of FA Cup upsets and storylines, Senegal’s mighty triumph in the AFCON Final and the ensuing celebrations, and a ‘Green-off’ in Serie A on Monday night which included two magnificent free-kicks.

There’s a moment for Melon of the Week too, live and direct from Old Trafford; whilst Sam’s Gibberish takes us to ‘Things He Just Doesn’t Understand’. We curtailed it, I promise.

It’s Ranks!