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Ranking Players Having Comeback Seasons

2 November 2022

Every year, there are certain players who shake off a bad season, or even a bad reputation, to finally hit their heights and shine brightly for their respective clubs. So, inspired by a question about Lionel Messi’s ‘remontada’ from last year’s slightly disappointing season at PSG, we decided to take a look at the Premier League who have turned things around to become key cogs in their teams this season.

We discuss a Manchester United full-back, some Brazilian flair at Fulham, Everton’s remoulded and reborn No. 8, a story good enough for a film at Newcastle United, and perhaps the biggest redemption arc of the lot at Arsenal. There’s also Things We Love, which includes some hype for MLS Cup (more on that later in the week), Unai Emery’s appointment at Aston Villa, and Braga having themselves a lot of fun in Portugal.

Melon of the Week takes us to Molineux, and Sam wraps things up in the Gibberish by discussing some footballers that you wouldn’t want to have trick-or-treating with you, in honour of Hallowe’en this week.