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Ranking the Biggest Disappointments of the Season

18 May 2022

Every season has its glorious moments, but for every positive, there’s a negative. We like to focus on the good stuff here on Ranks, but ultimately there are ups and downs to every season, and we wanted to take a look at some of the clubs who have been on the rough end of things this time around, and why that might have happened.

From potential title contenders who just haven’t stepped up to the mark to teams at the wrong end of the table, and from signings who just haven’t cut the mustard to particularly poor attempts at turning the club around – we’re here to look at all of them.

There’s Things We Love too – which veers from the scenes in Milan’s last home game of the Year to Newcastle’s brilliant blonde piston pairing in midfield to a preview of the Europa League Final; plus a very obvious Melon of the Week on Merseyside and another Bali Gibberish from Sam. It’s Ranks!