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Ranks FC

Ranking the World’s Best Centre Backs

29 November 2023

Hello Rank Squad!

It’s a very special episode today – the 200th Ranks FC Podcast on this feed. Three years on from the inception of Ranks as an independent brand, we’ve reached the big milestone – so an opportunity to say thank you so much to everyone who’s listened and supported us down the years.

For a special occasion, we thought we’d pull the stops out and bring back the Rank God to give you the original trio back at full force. Sam Tighe joins us to give a main ranking on the best centre-backs in world football right now, and it’s as debate-inducing as you might imagine.

We started off with Things We Love, which saw Dean discussing the madness of the Premier League this season so far, Sam chatting about his experiences as a Ranks FC listener for the last few months, and Jack talking Sergio Ramos’ return to full goblin mode this weekend as he was sent off twice in the same game.

And there was one more throwback at the end, with Gibberish returning to Ranks under Dean’s stewardship, where the Transfer Guru ranked some interesting things about the one constant across these 200 episodes.

It’s Ranks!